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New Year, New Reads!

by Unknown User on 2022-01-20T10:51:11-05:00 in young adults, teenagers | Comments

New Year, New Reads!

Hey you all, Scott here! Hope everyone had a great holiday season, and I wish you all a happy new year! This past year has certainly had its challenges, with the pandemic certainly not helping with it, but for me at least it was an improvement compared to 2020. Here’s to an even brighter 2022! And what better way to celebrate the new year than by taking the time to try new things? Or, more specifically, new books.

I’m sure we’ve all read some of the more popular books. Books like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, or the Hunger Games, and while these titles are great (and even have movies), you don’t need to strictly limit yourself to them. Take a gamble and check out a book that just came out. You may just find the next book or series to fall in love with. And if you find yourself not liking it, don’t force yourself to finish it either, just turn it back in and grab another!

 In addition, newer books are generally more relevant to our current generation. Let’s take a look at an example, H.P. Lovecraft. His works were instrumental for the genre of cosmic horror, but some of his views certainly don’t line up with today’s world. If you want books relating to today’s problems, the new book section is what you want to check out.

I’m going to leave below some books I picked from the new section, chosen at random. I hope you’ll find something you love among them! ‘till next time, take care!



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