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When and Where?

Our notary services are available Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Here's the rundown of where you can find these services:

  • BeaufortWestern Carteret, and Newport: Call ahead to ensure a staff member is available
  • Bogue Banks and Down East: Available by appointment only.

What You'll Need

To make the whole process smooth and secure, please bring along:

  • Unsigned documents for notarization
  • Valid photo ID (Sorry, no Military IDs for notary services)
  • Proof of current address, if not on your ID
  • Any witnesses you need (we can't provide these for you) along with their ID.

Remember, we can only do a max of three documents per visit.


No real estate documents, birth or death certificates or copies, wills, or DMV forms/titles.

A Note on Public Records

Our notaries are state officers, so they can decline to notarize any document. Also, anything you provide might be subject to public records laws.