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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I log into OverDrive/Libby?

A: Simply click on the link or download the Libby app and sign in with your current library card. Your pin is the last four digits of the phone number you provided when you applied for your library card. If you already have the Libby app downloaded, you will need to change your home library to Carteret County Public Library System/North Carolina Digital Library. If you still have trouble logging in, please email us at, or call your local branch, and we will work to resolve your issue.


Q: Can I still use my CPC Regional Library Card?

A: We are currently accepting your CPC Regional Library card at all Carteret County Public Library branches. If you want to use it with the Regional Library system, you will need to re-apply for a non-resident card with the Regional Library. Any associated activity with that account prior to July 1st is unavailable to local staff. You are welcome to call the CP Regional Library for more information. 


Q: How can I get a new Library Card?

A: You can apply online for a card here. Or you can call your local branch and apply over the phone! 


Q: I have library books from another county, what should I do?

A: Feel free to return any library book to any location that is convenient to you. We will make sure it finds its way home.


Q: What does it mean that the library is a “county agency”?

A: The Carteret County Public Library System is now administrated directly by Carteret County Government. The Carteret County Board of Commissioners voted last year to leave the CPC Regional Library in favor of local administration of the five county library branches.


Q: How can I customize my NC Cardinal Account?

A: We have a handy tutorial for you!


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